Automate LLM data-curation,
fine-tuning with DataNeuron

The fastest/no-code platform to
build enterprise-grade LLMs.

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Data curation

Curate your data with automated pipelines for LLM customization.

LLM fine-tuning

Train/fine-tune LLMs with your private data.

Model management

Streamline model management for LLM and classical NLP models.

Classical NLP Workflows

Automate end-to-end NLP lifecycle with Multiclass, Multilabel and NER workflows. 

90% less effort,
more focus on what matters!

These are our expertise -

Discover why we excel!

We match the accuracy of pre-trained LLMs or HITL methods. 

Effortless model training, fine-tuning & deployment with DataNeuron. 

Save time, boost accuracy, and cut costs all in one platform.

Introducing DataNeuron DSEAL: precision annotation.