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Privacy Policies
This Privacy Policy describes the manner in which Precily, Inc. (hereinafter individually and collectively referred to as “DataNeuron”) collects, stores and/or uses information or data provided by you or in relation to you while accessing and/or using the website (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) and any service offered on or through (hereinafter referred to as “Services”).

This Privacy Policy shall be read in conjunction with the Terms of Use available at Your access to and use of the Website and Services is conditional upon your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. By accessing and/or using the Website and/or Services, you consent to your information and data being collected, stored and used in the manner laid out in this Privacy Policy.
1. Collection of Information
DataNeuron may collect the following information and data (hereinafter referred to as “Your Information”) depending on the extent of use of the Website and/or Services by you:

a. Merely accessing and/or viewing the Website: IP Address, User Agent

b. Availing the Automation Service (as defined in the Terms of Use) on/through the Website: IP Address, User Agent, Location, Browser Fingerprint, Google Analytics Parameters.
2. Use of Information
a. DataNeuron shall store and use Your Information collected in accordance with Clause 1 of the Privacy Policy for the following purposes:

b. Providing relevant, useful and appropriate Information Service (as defined in the Terms of Use) to you;

c. Monitoring, improving and troubleshooting the Information Service and Artificial Intelligence Service provided to you;

d. Storing of information, documents and data provided by you in order to train algorithms to better process information and provide relevant insights;

e. Operation, provision or improvement of the Website and Services and for all acts incidental or ancillary to the provision of the Website and Services and for developing and providing new technologies and services

DataNeuron does not store or otherwise retain Your Information for longer than is necessary to achieve the purposes set out above. DataNeuron may also use cookies to collect and use Your Information in certain cases. This is described in detail in our Cookie Policy below.
3. Cookie Policy
Like most other websites, DataNeuron uses cookies to gather information when you access or browse the Website. DataNeuron may also use similar technologies such as pixels and tags. A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on Your computer when you visit the website. Cookies enable DataNeuron, amongst other things, to remember Your preferences while visiting the Website or accessing the Services, ensure security, analyse how users interact with the Website and use its features, and allows DataNeuron to improve Your experience on the Website.

Specifically, DataNeuron uses cookies for the following purposes:

Authentication Security Insights Measurement Improving features and services on the Website Evaluating and improving performance Analytics and Research

DataNeuron does not use cookie data to advertise.

The cookies used for the above stated purposes may be of various types, such as:

"Strictly necessary" cookies which need to be enabled for you to access the Website or Services "Preference" or "Functionality" cookies which help the Website to remember your preferences while visiting and using the Website or Services

"Performance" or "Statistics" cookies that allow us to analyse how our Website is being used and improve performance

You can control whether and how cookies from the Website are stored on your computer, by selecting “Enable/Disable Cookies” or similar settings on Your web browser. However, disabling certain cookies may prevent you from accessing or using the Website or Services.

Please note that DataNeuron does not exercise any control over third-party cookies that may gather information when You access or use the Website or Services, such as through links to third-party websites. For information on third-party cookies, you should refer to the privacy policy of the relevant third-party service provider.
4. Consent
a. As stated above, by accessing and/or using the Website and/or Services, you consent to Your Information being collected, stored and used in the manner laid out in this Privacy Policy. The collecting and retaining agency in respect of Your Information is DataNeuron.

b. You hereby acknowledge that the collection of Your Information as described in Clause 1 of this Privacy Policy is necessary to fulfil the purposes specified in Clause 2 of this Privacy Policy.

c. Upon request, you may review Your Information as provided by you to DataNeuron. You may also request that Your Information is corrected, completed, amended or updated. Any requests in this regard may be made to the following entity by way of an email with the subject-line “Privacy Policy: Request to Review/Correct/Complete/Amend/Update Information” (as applicable):

d. You may withdraw your consent for the subsequent use of your personal data by DataNeuron, by sending an email to the following entity with the subject-line “Privacy Policy: Withdrawal of Consent”:, clearly stating the following information: (i) identification details, including user ID for the Artificial Intelligence Service, if any; (ii) scope of withdrawal of consent. DataNeuron reserves the right to seek further details from you in order to ascertain the exact nature of the withdrawal of consent. Withdrawal of consent shall not be treated as effective unless the communication is made in the manner described above. Withdrawal of consent may result in DataNeuron being unable to provide Services to you.
5. Disclosure and Transfer of Information
DataNeuron does not disclose or transfer Your Information to any third parties without your consent, except if such disclosure or transfer is:

i. Required in order to comply with any applicable law or order of a court, tribunal or adjudicatory authority; or

ii. Requested by any Governmental agency for the purpose of verification of identity, prevention, detection, or investigation including cyber incidents, prosecution, and punishment of offences.
6. Security
DataNeuron undertakes its best efforts to ensure that its systems and Your Information are secure. It complies with reasonable security practices and procedures by following industry standards such as International Standard IS/ISO/IEC 27001. However, since complete security cannot be ensured by any entity, please note that DataNeuron does not guarantee the security of Your Information. If DataNeuron becomes aware of any breach of security such that it affects Your Information, DataNeuron shall notify you using contact information provided by you, if any, as soon as reasonably possible.

DataNeuron claims no responsibility for the security of any third-party websites or resources that you may access through or in connection with the Website and/or Services.
7. Grievance Officer
Any discrepancies and grievances with respect to the processing of Your Information by DataNeuron may be addressed to the Grievance Officer designated by DataNeuron for this purpose. The details of the Grievance Officer are as follows:

Bharath Rao

355 Bryant Street, Suite # 403, San Francisco CA 94107
8. Changes to the Privacy Policy
DataNeuron reserves the right to update or modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Any change to this Privacy Policy shall be deemed to be effective as soon as such change reflects on As a user of the Website and/or Services, you are advised to check this Privacy Policy periodically to keep yourself updated on any changes. You hereby acknowledge that any collection, storage, processing or other use of Your Information shall be governed by the Privacy Policy as applicable at the time of such collection, storage, processing or other use.